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The Cancer Survivors' Association is a support community offering Centre County residents living with cancer encouragement and an opportunity to learn skills, gather information and meet social and emotional needs.

We are a non-profit organization co-founded by two cancer survivors, Janet Bowman and Judy Snyder. Both women felt very blessed with the support and encouragement they received from their family and friends during their battle with cancer. However, they realized that many other cancer patients living in Centre County were battling alone and could benefit from additional help. From the moment you are diagnosed with cancer, you become a survivor. The CSA was formed in 2000 to be of assistance to people from the time of diagnosis through the treatment and for the rest of their life. Support is also offered for family and friends of cancer survivors.

Programs of the Association include:

Cancer support group - meets monthly

Cancer caregiver support group - meets monthly

Tote bags of hope - includes a treatment organizer notebook, blanket and water bottle

Celebration of life activities - held throughout the year

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For more information about Cancer Survivors' Association, visit and on Facebook: Cancer Survivors' Association